"Brushes may look alike but they don't behave alike" 
After years of painting I have narrowed my selection of brushes to a few that work very well for me and my students.
My Shaping Brushes.
Ilike a brush that works with me and not against me. These brushes have a " bounce to them" and they let you go in and out into passages with ease and makes your job of painting so much easier.
The No. 6 Liner
This ismy work horsebecause it has a great point and carries a lot of paint and it bounces back when I finish a passage. GREAT BRUSH! 
                The baby workhorse No.4 is $8.00
The No 8/10 Kolinsly Brushes
I use these brushes when I am painting large areas. They are very soft but still have a bounce to them.
The Little White Script.
               Sold out  
The No, 3 Liner
This is my favorite brush for appying miskit when I need large areas of miskit or some small areas with fine details
My Scrubbers .....all sold out
I would not know how to paint without my scrubbers.
I use the them for softening areas after I remove the miskit, to lift colors or make a color lighter. I have the no. 4 flat and the no. 6 round. NEW small scrubber!
Brushes should feel comfortable in your hands
3 Flats and a Shader
The 1 1/2 inch flat.
  This is my favorite large flat because I can  get into large areas and small areas and it always leaves a sharp edge..All of my students love this brush for applying backgrounds and any other part where a large brush is needed. MAXIMUM CONTROL!!
1" and the 3/4" brush!
  These 2 brushes are made like the 1 1/2" brush above. They give me all the control I  need in a flat brush. I especially like the 3/4 brush when I paint mid-size paintings.
The watercolor Blender in  No16
  This is my favorite small flat brush because of the way it is made. The hairs are very tight and I can go in areas that otherwise I would get  a bloosom. They are the size between a 3/4" and a 1" brush. Great Brush!
Something you should know
          " I  have been painting watercolors  for over 30 years and travelling throught the USA and Canada for over 20 years teaching thousands of students how to paint watercolors. I have noticed that my  students love these brushes.  They  come back to other workshops and bring their friends and buy these brushes because they work for them." 
             "If you need any other information on the brushes or how to use miskit or how  to use the scrubbers, just let me know. I will be more than glad to help you."     contact me @   Jfettingis@comcast.net
sold out

No 4 flat 
Sold out

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Kolinsky Brushes 
No 8   $15.00
No 10  $20.00
No 6 liner     my 
 only $10     workhorse
   no 3 liner                              
  not avaliable
No 10/0
Sold out!!!
No 3/4
No 1"
No 1 1/2 inch
no 16
A good example how the "shaping brushes" and the scrubbers work very well to come up with good results.