A small
" This small garden is not about colors or flowers but how it makes you feel."
In memory of our wonderful dog,
She loved this garden and the lake.
      In the early morning, with a cup of coffee and a camera on the tripod I see a new flower blooming, a bird watching  me plant a new flower, listening to the gesse. 
     It  does not get any better than that.
     The Garden has a way of bringing an awarness of yourself through its colors and smells. It gets you ready for the day in the  studio. I always go away feeling better after visiting and working in the Garden. 
      It is exciting to see the garden change through the Season and watch the new  flowers bloom. To Garden and Painting  is the perfect combination to give an artist like me the inspiration to create watercolor paintings  with vibrant and bold colors.
"There is  always something NEW  to do
   and SEE in the Garden."
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