This demo is just a little sample of what you are going to learn when  you come to the workshop.. You will get a lot of HOMESPUN LESSONS and some Academic Lessons.  I think, after all the years of teaching, that a good teacher should communicate his or her  ideas in a logical and visual way so the student goes home with more knowledge than they came in with.
It's really that simple!

I am very visual and I learn by watching HOW something works or how can I use that something to enhance my own work. I use that principle when I teach by giving a lot of demonstrations and by giving my students room to breath and work. 

  A good teacher has to know when to leave a student work on their own and when to give them help. I hope that each student learns some of my  basic and advanced methods of painting, but still develops their own style in time.
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This is a very small sample of what you are going to see and learn in the workshop
How do I create movement in my paintings?
"My paintings look stiff and have no movement" This is about 80% of the students that come to my workshops had said to me in the  workshops.
A See the green color where the yellow star is? That color is just seating there. No movement!
Now, Look at the painting  below and see how by adding the color green it makes your eye move thru your  painting.
Did that made sense to you?
I like the way colors blend on my palette when I am painting and I like this to be an extension of my painting. When I am mixing my colors on the palette I like to use different  moisture levels  to control the flow of color in my watercolor .
Moisture Control is something that we  will be working on during the workshops and it helps in creating movememt in your paintings.
     Several  ways to create movement in your painting is by using similar Colors and  Values thru out the painting.
       As an example, when you are having breakfast and you have a plate of cereal and bananas. Cut the banana in 1/2 and take the other 1/2 and cut it in smaller pieces. Put the 1/2 banana on our plate. Not in the middle. Now, it just seats there. Put the other pieces somewhere else and see how your eye follow the pattern. Add a red apple.
I think you get the point!
You are creating Movement.